Option 2 -WBHS Year 9 Consolidated Pack (with FX-82 Calculator, for year 9 only)


Please note we have consolidated stationery items of compulsory subjects for WBHS Year 9 in a pack as below. We have not added language options. Please add on your language option stationery if you know which language you do.

3 14B8 (2WRITE)
1 colour pencil(DELI)
6 bic Pen (black/blue/red)
2 1E8 (2WRITE)
2 HB Pencils (STAEDTLER)
1 compass (STAEDTLER)
1 protractor (ACME)
1 ruler (DELI)
1 2B8 (2WRITE)
1 eraser (DELI)
1 scissors (180MM DELI BLACK/RED)
1 gluesticks (DELI 35G)
1 clear file (20 pocket)
1 art pack(clear file/eraser/4B pencil/bic pen)
1 Casio FX-82 Calculator