Warwick 1F8 Exercise Book



Warwick Exercise Book 1F8 is ideal for students who draw pictures to plan their writing. 1/3rd of the page is plain to draw or paste pictures and remaining 2/3rd is ruled 12 mm. It has a soft cover with name and subject label printed on it. There are a total of 32 leaves or 64 pages of 60 gsm paper.

  • 12 mm Ruled
  • 1/3 Unruled or for picture space
  • 2/3 Ruled
  • 32 Leaf or 64 pages
  • A4 Size
  • No margins

Note: 1F8 is slightly bigger in size as compared to LSBK. Warwick 1U5 is exactly the same as LSBK.


Code: 612090