SUNNYBRAE YEAR 5 STATIONERY WHOLE PACK 2024 (except headphones and tissues)

1 x 1A8 Unruled Maths book
1 x 1B5 7mm ruled exercise book
1 x 9B5 7mm ruled pad
1 x 1E8 7mm quad ruled maths book with margins
4 x 1B8 exercise books -only year 5’s writing
5 x blue ballpoint pens (Bic brand)
2 x whiteboard marker (bullet tip)
5 x pencils (HB) Staedtler Traditional
1 x pack of coloured pencils (12 set)
1 x ruler (30 cm – not bendable)
1 x eraser (good quality)
1 x black fine vivid marker
1 x pencil case
2 x large glue sticks (35g), Amos
1 x plastic document wallet
1 x pencil sharpener
1 x highlighter
1x 12 set of felt tips
2 x Journal book bags