Courier Bag Self Adhesive Mailers #3 White, 280mmx420mm Flap pk100


This is a high quality 100pcs A4 mailer bags, waterproof and moisture-proof, compatible with a variety of non-fragile items packaging, super value practical.


* High quality PE material, strong toughness, tear resistance , anti – static, increase the speed of packaging.

* High quality hot melt adhesive sealing strip can cause destructive cracks when opening the package and prevent the goods from being stolen.

* Adopts hot-cutting edge sealing technology, good sealing, waterproof and moisture-proof.


* Material: PE

* Color: White

* Quantity: 100pcs

* Sealing Width: Approx. 4cm

* Product Thickness (for each): Approx. 0.012cm

* Product Size (for each): Approx. 28 x 42cm