Compatible Ink Cartridges Whole Set (4 pcs) for Brother LC133 LC131 LC135


Compatible Brother Ink Cartridges for LC133 LC131 LC135 Ink Cartridges Set (4pcs)

Compatible with following printer:  Brother DCPJ152W, DCPJ552DW, DCPJ752DW, DCPJ4110DW, MFCJ4510DW, MFCJ4410DW, MFCJ4710DW, MFCJ470DW, MFCJ475DW, MFCJ650DW, MFCJ870DW, MFCJ6520DW, MFCJ6920DW, MFCJ6720DW


* Unique formula, high color saturation, steady print effect

* High quality filter no granular ink to block or damage nozzle

* It can print high definition word and image

* Product is guaranteed to be same quality print

* By print color, air and environment test

* Simple design, pretty easy to install and use


1 x LC133 (Black) (20ml)
1 x LC133 (Cyan) (12.5ml)
1 x LC133 (Magenta) (12.5ml)
1 x LC133 (Yellow) (12.5ml)