PVC Chair Mat 900 x 1200


Chair Mat for All Carpet Thickness
  • 910 x 1210
  • Designed for carpets and underlay of all thickness 

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This Chair Mat will protect the floor in your home or office against getting scratches, or your chair casters from being twined by carpet fibre. It will be an affordable and long-lasting way to protect the floor surface nicely from impending damage due to repetitive chair movement.


* A MUST-HAVE item for your workplace

* Easy to clean and non-slip with spikes

* Blocks scratches and spots on floor’s surface

* Convex chair mat comes with an extended apron for your feet

* Provides an even surface over which your chair can still move easily and freely

* Suitable for all types of hard floor such as laminates, vinyl, carpet, tile or concrete


* Condition: Brand new

* Material: PVC

* Color: Clear

* Chair Mat Size: Approx. 114x135cm (You can check our other listings for the size 120 x 90cm)

* Thickness: 2mm

Weight600.0000 kg


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