CASIO XR-18WE1 EZ-Label Printer Tape Cartridge 18mm White



This label printer tape from Casio features black font on white tape and is compatible with the following Casio label printers:

KL-100E, 120, 130, 1500
KL-2000, 200E, 300
KL-60, 7000, 70E, 7400, 750E, 780
KL-8100, 820, 8200

KL-C500, G2, HD1, P1000

Washproof, scratchproof and weatherproof


Font colour         : black

Tape colour          : white

Label tape type   : XR

Scroll width           : 18mm

Length                       : 8m

Manufacturer’s code: XR-18WE1

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