7 Must Haves for Office Desk Spaces

If you want to get your teams into the office then you need to remove all of the hurdles that could possibly be standing in their way. That means eliminating confusion, simplifying room booking, and ensuring your teams have the resources they need at their office desk.

A productive office desk setup is more than a computer, a comfortable chair, and a large desk in the office (although those details don’t hurt). You need to include accessories and technology that support productivity and create a comfortable work environment.

What it means to have a desk in the office is different than what it meant several years ago, but there are still ways to make the space feel like your own. Adding desk accessories and tools to your office setup can help people feel comfortable, stay focused, and allow everyone to highlight their personal style. So what do we consider must haves for office desk spaces? Let’s dig in.

Desks Then and Now: The Hybrid Evolution

Since 2020 we’ve seen the office shift from a sea of cubicles to an innovative space for collaboration. Many hybrid companies have adapted flexible seating arrangements, like hot desking, which has changed what it means to have your own desk space in the office.

It used to be that going to the office meant you had your own space, nowadays booking a desk is an intentional practice that allows you to sit near your coworker or team, or have an area for focus work. While desk hoteling allows you to claim a desk as your own for a while, most hybrid work environments don’t have assigned seating.

Adding desk accessories to your work environment can make each office desk feel more personalized and help people declutter. Not to mention the productivity benefits.

In the modern office, desks are less likely to be assigned and more likely to be open for reservation.

7 Must Have Desk Accessories

There are plenty of accessories you can add to your desk, but some are non-negotiable. From laptop stands to decorative mousepads you’ll never run out of ways to decorate and optimize your space in the office. To help you get started here are the accessories we consider must haves for your office desk.

1. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Sets: Working on the Move

When you’re in the office you’re most likely moving from space to space. A wireless mouse and keyboard duo like Logitech’s Pebble Mouse 2 M350S and their Pebble Keys 2K380s allows people to be comfortable using their laptop at their office desk and anywhere else in the office. Just connect and click.

You can also add some comfort to the setup by purchasing a desk pad that often includes a mouse pad or wrist rest pad. Ensure your teams are working in style and are comfortable while they’re doing it.

2. Monitors and Displays: Promoting Productivity

As part of your desk setup, you should include a monitor stand for a second screen. During lockdown, many people became accustomed to having two screens at their home office desk so including this in workspaces at your office can enable productivity.

Having dual monitors can also be useful for things like video calls, enabling people to both be on video screen and pull up any necessary documents.

Having a monitor stand helps promote keeping your screen at eye level.

3. A Desk Organizer and Laptop Stand: Keeping Things Clean

Pens, pencils, sticky notes, and paper clips – it’s easy to make a mess at your desk when there’s so much office supplies available. Desk organizers are a great accessory to help people keep track of their belongings and remove clutter from their workspace. Stick with something simple like a stackable file holder or something a bit fancier like the Yamazaki desk bar.

A laptop stand is also helpful way to create more storage and save space. Plus raising your computer to eye level is beneficial for your posture.

4. Desk Lamps and Desk Plants: Decorating for Success

Did you know lighting has a positive impact on productivity? A small desk lamp can help brighten your workspace and keep you focused as you go through the day. There are many options to choose from and traditional lamps will work just fine, but an adjustable desk lamp is the most flexible option.

Desk plants have also been proven to help improve workplace experience. Studies have shown that incorporating nature into the office helps relieve stress and has a positive impact on personal well being. Succulents are a great low maintenance plant to keep on your desk if you’re looking to incorporate some greenery.

5. A Balance Board and Standing Desk: Keeping Focused and Staying Active

Staying focused in the office isn’t easy for everyone, but staying active can help. A balance board keeps your feet moving, relieving stress and adding to your concentration. You could even consider a foot rest or foot hammock to help with your restless legs.

Some people enjoy using a standing desk to help get them out of their seat. Whatever option you choose, finding a way to stay focused at your office desk is crucial for success.

Standing desks help ensure people are standing up throughout the day, promoting better health.

6. Heating Pads and Desk Fans: Staying Warm and Cooling Down

You can’t do great work if you aren’t comfortable and accommodating the temperature preferences of an entire office is nearly impossible. Keeping a small heating pad or fan at your desk allows you to self regulate your temperature, so you can focus on your work and not on shivering.

If you want to take it a step further a small humidifier or blanket can provide the added comfort you need. Although a blanket may be considered a home office desk accessory if it helps you stay focused it’s worth it.

7. A Wireless Charging Pad: Always Fully Charged

In another attempt to stay organized, a wireless charging pad can help you keep all of your technology in one place. Eliminate tangled cords and always ensure your technology is fully charged and ready to use.

Wireless charging power is great, but for devices that won’t work on a wireless charging pad, a smart power strip is a great option.

What Else Is Non-Negotiable In The Office?

To build a fully functioning hybrid office, you’ll need to provide more than just a productive desk setup. A vibrant workplace is built on seamless interactions, easy room booking, and supportive technology. People should be just as comfortable at their desks as they are in the rest of the office.

While focus work is an important part of the day, many employees will also have scheduled meeting times. This means they’ll need access to conference rooms and collaboration spaces, as well as the right technology to connect people working from home.

Ensure you have all the resources your teams need in the office and readily available.

Room scheduling software makes connecting people in-person easier than ever. People can reserve space that works for their team’s based on size, timing, and resources. Saving time, so they can get right to work.

You’ll also want to equip your space with reliable meeting room technology. Owl Labs meeting room cameras provide the best hybrid work experience for everyone on the call, and collaboration tools like Google Workspace help increase online productivity.

A successful hybrid office is a puzzle built with many pieces. Finding the right resources and design for your teams will help you fit things together and create a space people are eager to be in.

Choosing a Desk That Works for You

The office is constantly evolving and so are your team’s needs. Focusing on ways you can boost productivity and happiness in the office will always help you give people exactly what they want.

Desk accessories are a fun and simple way to provide people with comfort, while also motivating them to be productive. Not every desk needs to look exactly alike, and your teams should have the flexibility to book a desk with resources that fit their day to day needs.

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